About Us


Dongguan Yijiasen Industrial Co., Ltd

We're a group of professionals with experience from a number of different wood craft factories. We have experience manufacturing a varieties of wooden products, ranging from phone accessories to kitchen cabinets and all sorts of things in between. Over the years, we've worked on a wide variety of projects for customers across a number of different industries. Because of this, we have a deep understanding of the industry.

We formed MR.ARTISAN to help our existing clients deliver high quality products to their customers on time, on budget. We work with a number of different wood craft factories with a wide range of specializations and production capabilities. We work hard to allocate your projects to the manufacturing partners who are going to get you the best results.

Internally, we're focused on quality. We know that your reputation depends on the quality of the products you produce. So does ours. It is a sad truth of the industry that many wood craft factories focus on high volume production, but tend to skimp on quality control and customer service.

One of our core strengths is our inspection and quality control team. Before accepting delivery, our own quality inspectors check each and every item to make sure it meets your quality standard. We reject any and all defective parts and work with the factory to ensure the replacements are perfect. Coupled with our strong factory relationships, we can ensure that your customers get the high-quality products they expect.

We also have a top-notch R&D team who can create new products to your specifications or work with you to fine-tune an existing product.

If you have a project we might be able to help with, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at support@misterartisan.com.

Our Mission

Lifestyle Redefined - to build a series of wood product with intention to bring natural back to daily living. More product is coming.